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Sweet Pancake

We often see calligraphy fonts with a standard style developed from the brush pen strokes. Sweet Pancake fonts come in different calligraphy styles. The usual shape has been customized to make it look more personal and special. Sweet Pancake is available in two versions, regular and X. The second version is the development of the […]

Hokyaa Font Family

Hokyaa font is a new calligraphic font created from beautiful brush strokes. Paired with a sans serif font as a perfect pair to create a varied design. Both come in clean and press versions. The brush script has lots of alternatives, ligatures and swashes to make it easier for you to create beautiful letters without […]


Make your design more stylish with Jankador, a handwritten font that features a fast-flowing casual style. The ligature features included to make typography look more natural like a free-style signature. Jankador comes in a clean and rough style. This lets you choose which one is best for your design. Suitable for a variety of design […]

Lucyna Font Duo

Lucyna Script is a handwritten typeface that gives you a relaxed yet beautiful style for your design. Sleek signature style is perfect for use to create a classy design, especially if paired with Lucyna Sans. Lucyna Sans is an all-caps sans serif font specially paired with Lucyna Script. Thick but rounded shape gives a strong but not […]

Bakso Sapi Free Font

This font is not affiliated with any Bakso Sapi seller 🙂 This name comes when I see rounded corners in letter form. Bakso Sapi is a free font from Locomotype that adopts handwriting style using markers. This will look very natural because of the opentype feature that allows the sequence of letters to change automatically. Make sure Contextual […]


Introducing Wolesbro, a brush font designed to give a natural handwriting look without forgetting readibility for typography. Comes with two different brush styles; Wolesbro One and Wolesbro Two so you can more easily work with your design. Including OpenType features include: Ligatures for natural double letters and Contextual Alternates for casual terminal form. This font […]

MorningDew Script Font

In a beautiful morning, when silence creates imagination, and dew comes in droves to greet the world with vigor and vitality. Pen tucked between fingers, dances and creates poems of love for all mankind. Morning dew tells the story of a handwritten font which someday will stitch your heart with warmth and tenderness. It comes […]

Eufoniem | Free Font

Eufoniem is a free font that dedicated to those who support and appreciate our work, Locomotype. There is nothing more beautiful than our friendship and your smiles are always inspiring. Thanks to my best friend, Sunardi Purwosuwito, for the unique and mysterious name. What is Eufoniem? Eufoniem found from the result of fusion between Yu Poniyem […]

Delicy Font Family

Introducing Delicy, a font comes with an attractive package that combines three different font styles; script, sans and ornaments. With Delicy, you will more easily integrate typography in a variety of graphic design work. Delicy Script: a monoline font made as natural as possible similar to handwriting or signature. OpenType features making it easier to […]

Matahati Font

Matahati is a script font that is created based on the modern calligraphic style which is reprocessed by combining passion and deep feelings to create beautiful artwork and memorable. Besides bringing basic characters are charming, Matahati also offers OpenType features that will facilitate the work of typography and graphic design. This font also presents the […]


Sumptuous is a sans-serif family combining the geometric and the humanist models. presented by Locomotype. Suitable for magazine, paragraph, headline, body text and logo design. Complete family make your job is so easy to mix and match your designs to be more creative. Cames with four weights, obliques, Latin, Cyrillic alphabets and OpenType features. Sumptuous […]

Jogjakartype V2

Jogjakartype pertama kali diluncurkan pada 2015 yang lalu dengan membawa fitur sederhana.  Ada abjad lowercase sebagai font utama (sesuai dengan logo Jogja Istimewa), kemudian lowercase yang diberi tambahan aksen inline sebagai uppercase.  Disertakan pula beberapa ikon Jogja istimewa yang merupakan bagian tak terpisahkan dari logo utama. Pada versi pertama tidak disertakan punctuation (tanda baca) dan simbol dengan berbagai […]


Garris is a monoline script with an awesome opentype features; ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes, stylistic set (ss01 – ss07), initial and terminal form, as well as multilingual support with 360+ glyphs. Available in light and regular version as a choice to mix and match your design. This script font comes with multiple alternates that will […]


Fonia is a calligraphic art deco with feminine touch, unique, and exotic. It is designed to be more simple, so it keeps the legibility in different font sizes. If you want a semi-classical letters but do not eliminate the modern concept, then it is time for you to have Fonia. Opentype features that brought by […]


Introducing Fonstyle – a handmade typeface using brush and watercolour. Truly handmade quality to create an organic and natural design. Suitable for poster, headline, logo, pull-quotes, wedding invitation, label etc. Bonus: Fonari Typeface and vector swooshes. Download


Membawa misi caring is sharing, Locomotype meluncurkan Jogjakartype.  Sebuah typeface baru yang dikembangkan berdasarkan wordmark logo Jogja Istimewa. Tujuannya bukan untuk menjiplak tapi dari konsep awal, tapi secara sengaja memang didedikasikan untuk Jogja.  Ketika seseorang ingin menggunakan atau mengaplikasikan sebuah logo biasanya harus download file tertentu tertentu terlebih dahulu misal EPS, Ai, JPG atau CDR yang tak setiap orang memahaminya maka […]


Introducing Fonjava – A new typeface based on handlettering script. Opentype features are available; ligatures, stylistic alternates, stylistic set and swashes. With more than 300 glyphs, you can create a design more cool & creative. Suitable for poster, headlines, wedding invitation, vintage design, logo and much more. To access the alternate glyphs, you need a […]


Fonderful is a hand-painted typeface to give you a natural sense in your design. Stylistic alternates and ligatures give you the flexiblity to choose the best letter combination. Suitable for poster, quote, natural typography design, headline and more. Add splatter or ornament to create an organic and vintage design. To access the alternate glyphs, you […]


Cemara is a hand-painted typeface inspired by modern calligraphy. This is a kind of an organic font with handmade quality. An imperfect flow in each letter give you natural feel, dynamic and kill your boredom . Some of alternates make you so easy to mix and match your design for any purpose. Cemara fitted with […]


Fondian is simple typeface based on hand lettering sketch. With a simple presentation, Fondian is very good for any purpose in your design. Ideal for headline, retro design, poster, label, paragraph and pull quotes. Fondian is available in Regular, Bold and Outline version.

Tinta Script

Tinta Script is a script typeface based on handwritten style. It was designed as a display typeface that contains 258 glyphs in total include alternative characters to improve your design. Available in two styles, Regular and Italic. You can use it as a paragraph, pull quotes, logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, […]


Fonquero is a display font with tech style that is suitable for headlines, poster, logo and other tech style design. Fonquero Sedo is a display font that is suitable for headlines, poster, logo and other tech style design. Built in shadow effect so you don’t need doing anything to use this effect. Buy now


Fonesh is a sans serif typeface with a minimal stroke contrast to create a simple and clear typeface also easy to read. It is designed with modern and contemporary concepts, so it can be used for various purposes. Not only in minimalist and modern concept, Fonesh is also designed in such a way to create […]

Fonago Family

Fonago is a serif font with old-fashioned typography styles. Mixed with classic ornamental motif, make Fonago more classy and elegant. This font best for vintage and retro design, poster, t-shirt, headline, label, logo, etc. Fonago comes with 228 glyphs and available in Regular and Inline style. You can mix and match both styles to fit […]