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Wkwk Font

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10 Free Popular Fonts For Designers and Students

Collecting many fonts is a normal job for a graphic designer. Especially if you find cool and unique fonts. Even if you have the fonts for free. On the internet there are many font makers who share their work in various styles, including scripts, handwriting, serif, sans-serif etc. Here is a list of free fonts […]


Romantick looks simple with a casual style and also contains some ligature to make your design feel more personal.

15 Free Elegant Fonts January 2017

This is a list of free fonts for designers, January 2017. Download them for free.  You can find lincense info on each download page. Download links: 1. Hello Stockholm https://goo.gl/v9aBrB 2. Noelan https://goo.gl/KVDvNL 3. Humblle Rought https://goo.gl/a7lLNc 4. Foxhole https://goo.gl/wNPtSj 5. Kurbanistika https://goo.gl/JfzqjY 6. Setta https://goo.gl/5lyP6P 7. Priscilla https://goo.gl/KWPP2r 8. Akrobat https://goo.gl/Gsr8Va 9. King Basil https://goo.gl/4PfIiS 10. […]

Om Telolet Om

In order to enliven “Om Telolet om” which became a worldwide trending topic a few days ago and welcomed the New Year 2017 with the distinctive sound of trumpets “Telolet telolet”, then Locomotype released a new font called Om Telolet Om.

Sumptuous Light FREE

Sumptuous is a sans-serif family combining the geometric and the humanist models. presented by Locomotype. Suitable for magazine, paragraph, headline, body text and logo design. Complete family make your job is so easy to mix and match your designs to be more creative.