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10 Selected Premium Fonts For Packaging Design

Everytime we always see lots of fonts without realizing it, both when communicating on social media and when we work in graphic design; designing invitations, posters, brochures, packaging designs etc. Even when we are shopping at supermarket, we see many fonts printed on the product packaging. Thousands and even millions of fonts are spread on […]

10 Free Popular Fonts For Designers and Students

Collecting many fonts is a normal job for a graphic designer. Especially if you find cool and unique fonts. Even if you have the fonts for free. On the internet there are many font makers who share their work in various styles, including scripts, handwriting, serif, sans-serif etc. Here is a list of free fonts […]

Eufoniem Casual Font

Eufoniem is dedicated to those who support and appreciate our work, Locomotype. This font comes with two varians; Eufoniem One and Eufoniem Two, so that you can mix and match your typography and design with easy and varied. This is 100% free for personal and commercial use based on our desktop license. Download Eufoniem

15 Free Elegant Fonts January 2017

This is a list of free fonts for designers, January 2017. Download them for free.  You can find lincense info on each download page. Download links: 1. Hello Stockholm https://goo.gl/v9aBrB 2. Noelan https://goo.gl/KVDvNL 3. Humblle Rought https://goo.gl/a7lLNc 4. Foxhole https://goo.gl/wNPtSj 5. Kurbanistika https://goo.gl/JfzqjY 6. Setta https://goo.gl/5lyP6P 7. Priscilla https://goo.gl/KWPP2r 8. Akrobat https://goo.gl/Gsr8Va 9. King Basil https://goo.gl/4PfIiS 10. […]

16 Stunning Free and Premium Retro Fonts for Designer

One day you want to create a school reunion invitation with your friends where you’ve not seen for decades. Then you need retro fonts for your design to match the atmosphere of the meeting. Here are some retro fonts that you might consider to be downloaded to complement your font collection. Who knows when you […]

20 Popular Modern Calligraphy Fonts for Your Design

Modern calligraphy is special style that developed from traditional calligraphy. It usually has a free style both baseline and ascender line. Based on handwriting, modern calligraphy still have a sense of retro although made in a modern way. This is perfect for making quotations, retro logo, design invitations, posters etc. Now you can collect a lot […]

10 Distressed Brush Fonts For Graphic Designers

Lettering with a brush feels very personal.  Each brushstroke will generate dynamic forms. Especially if it brings distressed effect, then your work will be very interesting. Likewise, when applied to the font. If you want to make a bold and personal poster then type fonts with distressed touch is perfect for your design. Here is […]

10 Free and Premium Monoline Fonts

Lately, monoline style is becoming a trend among graphic designers, both for application to the style of lettering and font style. A simple style with a single line, making these fonts feels clean and minimalist. When combined with swash, monoline font will feel more elegant and luxurious. This collection of 10 free and premium monoline fonts […]