distressed brush font

10 Distressed Brush Fonts For Graphic Designers

Lettering with a brush feels very personal.  Each brushstroke will generate dynamic forms. Especially if it brings distressed effect, then your work will be very interesting.

Likewise, when applied to the font. If you want to make a bold and personal poster then type fonts with distressed touch is perfect for your design.

Here is the list of fonts with distressed effect that you can consider to have.

mind rush font

Mind Rush

Your third eye provides visual information to the near side of the pineal gland of a world in suspended motion. From this perspective, thoughts flicker in and out of being on an incorporeal film at an ever-increasing frame rate. Tune in to Mind Rush, every day, right now, exclusively in the Cartesian Theater.

Download Mind Rush

distressed brush

The Treasured Years

The Treasured Years is a set of 2 hand-painted fonts, designed to combine perfectly and allow you to create beautiful typography quickly and easily. With a very distinct bold dry-brush effect, this font set is perfect for creating hand-lettered quotes, logos and printed designs with a rustic & personal touch. Also included is a set of 24 bonus ornaments, designed to give your text that extra touch of detail & attention.

Download The Treasured Years

brush up font

Brush Up

Brush Up is the cool handpainted typeface you are looking for. Swiftly painted on paper and carefully translated into a font, it brings 3 glyphs for each letter and 2 for each number, plus variations for some punctuation marks.

Download Brush Up

script brush

Northshire Script

Northshire was designed as a dual-purpose script font, with hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline.

Download Northshire Script

violence font


Designed by Aiyari, Violence is an aggressive script that was inspired by chaos, riots, and protests.

Download Violence

mystic moods

Mystic Moods

Altogether apart from mindful stretching, Druidic incantations wash by. And after, as night’s chill dampens them, she stands by, attending to his Mystic Moods.

Download Mystic Moods

boldero brush

Boldero Brush

Designed by Locomotype, Boldero is a script font inspired by graffiti art. Boldero is suitable for designing posters, promo materials, banners, t-shirts and much more.

Download Boldero Brush



Blackhawk is a hand-made, all-capitals brush font which has a complete set of alternate A-Z characters. Simply switch between upper & lower case to access the alternates. (Tip: Try mixing up both upper and lowercase characters in a word to achieve the best text layout).

Download Blackhawk

faith and glory brush font

Faith and Glory

These 2 hand-painted brush fonts are designed to perfectly combine with one another and allow you to create beautiful typography with a personal touch. Ideal for; Logos, printed quotes, invitations, image overlays, greeting cards, product packaging, text headers, & whatever else your imagination holds!

Download Faith and Glory


Wild Zova

Wild Zova is a distressed script font design by Ferry Hadriyan.

Download Wild Zova