10 Free and Premium Popular Decorative Fonts

Here is a list of free and premium display and decorative fonts that you can download for your various graphic design projects.

Gagalin is a retro comic font by Iordanis Passas (Athens, Greece). The type is made with rough and scratch effect to it! This beautiful example of display fonts can add the lavish vintage touch to any design you do!

Download Gagalin

Give up to the charm of artistic curves expressed by this display font. Each character possesses its own incredible features, charging any project with decorative power, aimed at attention catching.

Download Moalang

Slovic begins its course from a design that assembles characteristic elements of the Old Church Slavonic script. The second design combines some of these details and classical serif typeface solutions.

Download Slovic


Inspired by a few letters in a hand-drawn logotype, Swashington is a serif font with both an early 20th Century feel and yet is evocative of the swash fonts of the 1970s as well. The real meat of this typeface comes with using all the swash and ligature variants, allowing for an enormous amount of typographic flair.

Download Swashington

Frizzy is a classic look vintage style font with a big set of additional characters. Lowercase letters have 4 stylistic sets with different shapes. Uppercase letter has two additional glyphs with upper and lower swashes.

Download Frizzy

The special features on Tropika Island is Tropika Interlock that comes with 3224 pair of ligatures, Stylistic Alternate, & Stylistic Set 01-03. Tropika Casual is complementary and contains OpenType features as ligatures, Terminal forms, Initial forms, Stylistic Alternates.

Download Tropica Island

Wooden Planks is a bold display font, defined by chunky characters. Its powerful style will make your project stand out, while its linear feel will be the right match for a large number of contexts.

Download Wooden Planks

Natcissus is a creative font created from a collection of flowers that are in bloom. Just keep in mind if this font is very heavy to load especially for Windows users.

Download Narcissus

Presenting originally designed decorative font named Kaipara. The main goal of this font is a pattern that flows between the characters. Each letter has six variations that switches automatically to create a solid pattern feeling.

Download Kaipara

Silver Crown is an Ultra Condensend display font with minimalist characters. It’s perfect for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, headers, or even large scale artwork.

Download Silver Crown

Indigo Moon – a decadent, classic serif with over 150 hand-illustrated alternates, and preserved texture, for a uniquely vintage, yet modern feel. Each letterform has a slightly rough exterior that works beautifully to enhance Indigo Moon’s soft, conventional details.

Download Indigo Moon

Grayson is a sans serif typeface with straight geometrical shape that has a lot of ligatures and stylistic alternates. Those OpenType features can help you to create an awesome unique lettering compositions with unexpected characters combinations.

Download Grayson