Kawung Typeface

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique, originated from Indonesia. One of the famous batik motifs is Kawung.

The Kawung is one of the oldest batik motifs, consisting of a four lobed stylised flower, based on the Areca Palm blossom. The cross section of the palm fruits and their seeds are also said to inspire the design. Part of the Ceplok (circle) family of designs, the Kawung can be arranged as intersecting circles in some of its variations, making dynamic repeated patterns.

Can this Kawung batik pattern be applied into an alphabet in a typeface?
After trying to do some experiments, I was finally able to complete the basic characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation. In some cases, this font does not have good readability but I am quite happy to be able to realize my idea of making a typeface that is inspired by Indonesian native culture.

Hope in the future, I can develop this font to be even better. Please download this Kawung typeface and try it at home.


  • Kawung Font
  • Kawung Font Characters



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