Locomotype Standard Desktop License FAQs

Yes     Can I create a coffee mug, pen, greeting card etc. to be sold for profit?

Yes     Can I create clothing to be sold for profit?

No      Can I create graphical titles, credits, or captions for a movie?

Yes     Can I create a logo for my business?

Yes     I am a graphic designer. Can I create logos, websites or other products for my clients?

No       If my business becomes really successful and I have branded myself with the font, will I need to pay more later?

Yes     Can I temporarily distribute the font to a printer, designer or developer?

Yes     Can I modify the outlines in my artwork to make it how I want it?

No      Can I embedded the font in a PDF document and email it to people, sell it, or make it available on my website?

No       Can I use a dingbat to create a logo or product where the main image is the dingbat?

No       Can I use the font to make house numbers or stamps that would then be sold one letter at a time?

No       Can I build the font into a computer game, mobile app, eBook, phone, printer, TV or camera?

No       Can I use the font in my web service that allow my customers to compose items such as business cards, marketing materials, collateral items and photobooks?

No       Can I use the font for large commercial projects?

For wider use, please contact us to obtain an extended license. Need more questions? Please contact me: hello@locomotype.com