Gunkid Font

Gunkid font is a brand new free font created by Locomotype based on someone’s handwriting from Gunungkidul. That’s why this font is called Gunkid, short for Gunungkidul. On the other hand, this font is a special collaboration with @kabargunkid, a Twitter account that reports things related to Gunungkidul.

With a casual handwritten style, Gunkid font feels very warm and unique especially when you want to create a personal design like a diary, quote poster, Instagram feed, Facebook updates etc. You can even install it on your smartphone.

Are there any special features? Yes, of course. Just type: gk1, gk2 or gk3, and see what appears there.


Gunkid Font


Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.


If you are not satisfied with this Gunkid font, you can use an improved version, Gunkid Pro font, which is included with more interesting special features.

Download Gunkid Pro Font

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