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About Jekawe Font

Jekawe font was created as an appreciation of Jokowi as the current president of Indonesia. There is no political motive whatsoever. Anyone can use this font without exception.

Initial Process

At first we thought, if only we could get Jokowi’s handwriting in full starting from uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols to punctuation marks, of course this would be more challenging and interesting or at least we have more original handwritten transcripts. But of course this hope is very hard to come true.

Where do we get sources for reference? Google gave us what we wanted. With only the keyword ‘Tulisan tangan Jokowi’, we found some of the handwritten transcripts that we were looking for. Although it is not very complete and structured, we try as much as possible to start from the existing materials.


From the sample handwriting, we rewrite as many letters as possible starting from lowercase, uppercase and numbers. Most of them are lowercase characters, then we improvise up to 6 variants for each letter.

We had a bit of trouble developing uppercase letters, symbols and punctuation due to limited references. Here we improvise as closely as possible based on the original source. Therefore, we do not guarantee that Jekawe font is 100% exactly the same as Jokowi’s handwriting.

In addition to the lowercase and uppercase basic characters, the Jekawe font includes the numbers 0-9, basic symbols and complete punctuation marks. However, we did not include multi-language accents because the purpose of this font was only for the Indonesian people.


The biggest challenge in converting handwriting to font is that it is very dynamic. The first and second strokes can vary slightly in shape, size and position. While a font cannot move freely without certain features. However, with 6 font variants (lowercase and uppercase) that we have created, we try to use the opentype feature to create an automatic random feature, so that the text is more dynamic and creates a natural impression.

This feature will be activated automatically if the font is used in most Adobe software, especially Illustrator and Photoshop. And also on CorelDrawX6 and above. For writing in Microsoft Word, the opentype feature does not apply automatically.

Terms and Conditions

  • Free for personal and non-profit use, non-commercial use.
  • You are not allowed to sell the Jekawe font.
  • Do not use this font for pornography or other unlawful activities.
  • Do not modify the font and redistribute it by removing the original copyright.
  • This font can be distributed in other media or websites by including credit and download link to this page.
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